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Dear Parents & Caregivers Everywhere...
Writing children's short stories has always been a hobby for me. Ideas have emerged from real life experiences and usually, from a child with endearing character traits. Most often, my inspiration came from my late daughter, Tammy, who expressed the most precocious, yet charming and unique sense of humor I have ever known in a child. Even as a little girl, it became evident that she cared very deeply for the well-being of others and set a wonderful example of love and positivity to her little friends and adults alike! 

And so I chose to enter the wonderful world of children's writing with the introduction of two book series, Sunshine and Andy-Roo! All of my books convey an age appropriate moral for kids in the 3 to 7 year age group. They are never too young to learn life's little lessons and what better source is there than a well-illustrated children's book!  

The story behind the story...
Sunshine I'll Make You Smile! is available in a traditional version AND an Irish adaptation was since released to recognize the culture of magical Ireland, entitled Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile! From time to time, you will see new cultural releases which I affectionately regard as my little travellin' Sunshines! Children who learn about symbolic cultural differences among the countries of the world will be fascinated...castles, folklore, and more!  AND - to make life a lot more fun for kids, I have released anActivity Story Book for Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile! with black and white interior, telling the story, including numerous fun activities and a full page coloring experience on every other page.

Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise!is my first release in the Andy-Roo series which touches lightly on an age appropriate anti-bullying message in a creative way. Andy-Roo made a good impression on Kart Kids Radio and was subsequently awarded a 2013 Kart Kids Book List award for Creative Storytelling and is being sold in the Kart Kids Bookstore.

Paperback & eBooks!
You may choose from Paperback and eBook, depending upon whether you prefer to 'flip the pages' or 'touch the screen' with your little ones! ebooks are available for Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise! and Sunshine I'll Make You Smile!  Available on Kindle (and all sites and devices that Kindle books are available).  
Note:  eBook for Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile! will be available soon!

Autograph News!
To receive an autographed bookplate to stick inside the cover of your book purchase, please make your request on the CONTACT PAGE of this website and I will mail it out promptly - Name of Book/Your name and relationship to the child/Your mailing address/Name of Child for bookplate/Special Occasion Date, e.g. birthday. 
Note:  You must be of legal age to make this request.

Why not enjoy the sunshine 
with my little books!

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