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Once again, I find myself exploring the values that make little kids tick!  Happiness for me will be in gaining your insight, all of which will add to my experience as I attempt to write meaningful storybooks for future release. 

It would seem that socialization of children begins immediately after birth.  I say this because we witness how our new little bundles interact with Mommy and Daddy and their older siblings when they have them.  And then, we cannot overlook all of those loving relatives and friends who flock in to visit the new addition to the family at the earliest opportunity.  We soon realize that the next step for the child is to distinguish one face from the other and to recognize sounds and tones, all adding dramatically to the socialization of the newborn.  

Moving forward, we seek out many opportunities to develop the social skills of our little ones such as daycare, preschool, parks and playgrounds and even birthday parties attended by their little peers.  Even the act of sharing, and giving or receiving of gifts, adds wonderful dimension to their overall socialization.  Indeed, many environmental and societal exposures help to shape the unique character and personalities of our children from a very early age; however, the most significant social values seem to be learned from the child's own observation of their particular culture and how we, as parents, role model in their presence.  

So now I find myself wondering just what techniques and strategies you use to ensure that your child learns appropriate behavior in common social settings, be it at home or outside of the home.   Some might spank or threaten to spank or punish in some manner while others will encourage by rewarding and praising good behavior.  Some parents encourage independence and self-reliance while others may discourage it in favour of ongoing dependence. Others yet will find the middle ground, taking into account the circumstances and the needs of the child. All of these and an endless list of influences will reflect in a child’s outcome and ultimately, impact his/her development as a unique human being.  Seeing one’s child fit into the world in positive ways is all the reward a parent seems to need.   

By no means is this piece intended to be anywhere near complete, or offer anything other than a few of my personal observations and views on the topic.  My primary purpose for writing this is to invite unique and wonderful viewpoints on the topic from you, my readers.  Since each child is individually special, I hope that you will share the secrets to your success in raising them. The proof is in the “little pudding” of course!

5 Comments to EACH CHILD IS UNIQUE!:

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Betty on February-15-12 9:08 AM
I'm a mother of two small children, 9 yrs & 6 yrs old. Gone are the days when all it took was a dirty look to set us straight. Todays kids are fearless!! My little one learns a lot from my older one and in many cases not very good habits. Often times my little one runs up to me to tell me what her brother did or said knowing that it was wrong. I have to remind her that her brother makes mistakes at times and is not a bad kid for making these mistakes. I then have to address his mistakes infront of my little one so she understand that what was done or said was in error and how to correct it. I also remind my son how his bad choices influence his little sister who looks up to him. I remind both of them that I still love them no matter what and that I want them to grow up being kind and loving to each other and being good people overall. This is definitely not easy with small kids but as parents we need to be on top of their behaviours before they get out of control. Constant positive re-inforcement and explaining their impact of the actions is critical to get them to change their ways.
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Linda on February-15-12 9:50 AM
Hello Betty Thank you so much for providing your insight into this topic. You surely are an experienced Mom and your thoughts are both meaningful and much appreciated.
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Perry McLean on March-07-12 4:06 PM
Linda, I hope you don't mind hearing from a single Dad who believes that he is raising his two little boys in an upright tradition. I have read through all of your posts and admire what you are trying to achieve here. I hope that my input will be an inspiration to you as you have invited. My two little guys do emulate their Dad in so many ways that I can't begin to count. Don't think that I'm not aware of the responsibility that falls on my shoulders to set a good example for them. I work very hard at this, not only for their welfare but to encourage others to do the same. That is not to say that they dont have their naughty days but what child doesnt as a part of growing up. To all of you single Dads out there, we can do an upright job of socializing our children in a way that they grow up to be well rounded, caring adults, capable of passing their life lessons onto their offspring as well.
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Linda on March-07-12 4:10 PM
Dear Perry! it is a pleasure to hear from a single Dad. Your comments add a valuable slant on the job of child rearing that serves all parents well. Setting a positive example is a noble objective and your cbildren are obviously benefitting from it. Best of luck Perry!
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Jane Dearling on March-26-12 12:17 PM
I believe that young parents today are more challenged then they have ever been when it comes to raising their kids in today's society. Kids are not considered safe to even walk alone on the sidewalks, let alone going to school on their own. Parents must drive or walk their young children to school and pick them up at the end of their day because it is not safe to leave them unattended. I'm not sure if this helps or hinders their socialization but as cncerned parents, we must find other means to socialize our kids properly. Fortunately, our kids are being taught sensitivity values in school and we keep make sure that they are active in sports and at least one creative outlet. It is important that kids learn to be one of a team instead of the center of their own universe. We do not heap them with the latest toys and gadgets but ensure that they have at least one or two of such items so that they will appreciate them more. What I am trying to say is that we are teaching our kids moderation and consideration for others and must trust that these lessions will prevail over the negative messages that they are exposed to daily. I hope this adds something of value to your discussion and I hope that you keep up the good work.
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