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Summer Holidays
Street Proofing Your Kids!
Anti-Bullying Strategies for Young Children




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Linnies Corner


Welcome to my blog!   It feels good to be back after taking a leave from posting to work on some writing projects.  

You may have noticed that all of my books are geared toward the very young child, roughly in the 3-7 year age group…see my books page.

My mission is to impart an age appropriate moral in each short story that I publish, such as the power of a smile, positive thinking, determination and even win-win anti-bullying strategies.  I hope to continue along this trend so that parents, guardians, educators and other caregivers will embrace and trust my stories as recommended reading for their little ones.

Summer Holidays

(from l to r, myself, me at 1 yr. with sister 3 yrs., my mother at 17 - only photos available).

Today, I’m taking a step back from my usual topic matter to address some lighter thoughts.  Just a week or so ago, your children or grandchildren, stepped outside of those big ol’ school doors for the  final time this season, to  embrace a lengthy vacation known as the summer break or summer holidays.  Parents usually plan well ahead for such occasions by making special care arrangements, if they are working parents, plan summer camp or day camp outings, arrange family vacations, make plans to attend special events and anything at all that will make these breaks especially memorable for the child and parents alike.

Street Proofing Your Kids!

Now this is a broad subject if there ever was one.  It is every parent’s #1 priority to keep their little ones safe, both indoors and especially when they first venture out beyond that great big door of curiosity.  When you think about it, we actually begin to teach safety at a very early age, perhaps as early as crawling when baby is able to access numerous objects to taste and explore, with the ever present danger of swallowing.  We start with the ‘no no’ and numerous other methods of making the object unattractive to the baby but surely there are an endless number of effective solutions that you, as a parent, have employed successfully.


Once again, I find myself exploring the values that make little kids tick!  Happiness for me will be in gaining your insight, all of which will add to my experience as I attempt to write meaningful storybooks for future release. 

It would seem that socialization of children begins immediately after birth.  I say this because we witness how our new little bundles interact with Mommy and Daddy and their older siblings when they have them.  And then, we cannot overlook all of those loving relatives and friends who flock in to visit the new addition to the family at the earliest opportunity.

Anti-Bullying Strategies for Young Children

Now that my site has been up and running for several weeks, it is time to refresh my blog topic. I hope to engage your interest and participation so that we can learn from each other on a casual and friendly basis. It has been suggested that I use this forum to explore the topic of bullying among young children and I am quite happy to do this. Let me be clear though, I am not an expert on this or any other matters involving childhood behavior and solutions, but as a parent and auntie to many little ones, I do have opinions and a desire to contribute my thoughts and recommendations on the matter.

Linnie's Corner

As a new children’s book author, I decided to establish an on-site blog to enable meaningful communication between ourselves.  Starting out, I thought I would keep it simple and engage your thoughts on four levels – so here goes! 

  1. It would mean a lot to me to know your opinion on what factors define an EXCELLENT children’s book for the young reader – let’s say between 3 and 7 years of age. 
  2. Secondly, what social values do you hope that your child will derive from reading short stories?
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