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Clayton Bye, Author/Editor/Reviewer
Category:  Novelist, Short Stories, Poetry
Clayton Bye is a writer, editor and publisher. The author of 9 books and a varied collection of short stories, poems, articles and hundreds of reviews, he is in the process of releasing his second anthology of short stories by talented authors from around the world.

Stuart Carruthers, Independent Author
Stuart is a writer of fiction and marketing materials and has published 2 novellas of the Harry Patterson Adventures and will publish another in 2013. His first near-fi novel will be published in Q1 of 2013.

R. L. Cherry, Author/Columnist/ Raconteur
Category: Mystery, Suspense, Historical fiction
R.L. Cherry has been writing an oft-humorous column on hot rods and classic cars for The Union newspaper of Grass Valley, CA for over seven years.  His first book, Christmas Cracker, was published in July of 2012.  It is a murder mystery, set in England, with a wise-cracking female detective from Southern California solving the case.  His suspense novel, Foul Shot, about a Chicago Police detective who becomes involved with a wild, troubled woman who changes his life, is to be released early in 2013.  Three Legs of the Cauldron, a sago set in early medieval Scotland, is undergoing editing and scheduled for later in 2013.
Linda Hales, Author
Category: Childrens Books
Blurb: Linda Hales is a writer, committed to publishing storybooks with a moral for children up to the age of 7. She currently has two books on her roster, one for each of two new series, 'Sunshine' and 'Andy-Roo'. In 2013, Linda plans to release two more titles and a coordinated series of matching coloring books.

T. R. Heinan, Writer/Author 
Category: Historical Fiction/Horror 
T.R. Heinan is the executive director of an international NGO that supports orphaned children. His debut novel, L’immortalité: Madame Lalaurie and the Voodoo Queen, (ISBN-13: 978-0615634715) quickly gained to 5-star reviews and is recommended by New Orleans’ highest rated tour guides. Acclaimed for his careful research, inclusion of the best NOLA urban legends, and descriptive writing style, Heinan has captured the story of New Orleans’ most haunted house in a style that moves from the macabre to the humorous in an inspiring tale of the power of compassion and a meditation on what folks will do to capture immortality.

Trish Jackson, Author
Author of extraordinary romantic suspense and romantic comedy. Spicy, suspenseful and sometimes politically incorrect.  

Fran Lewis, Author/Educator/Talk Show Host/Interviewer/Five Star Indie Book Reviewer
Category: Non-Fiction, Horror and Children’s Books 
Fran Lewis is an author, book reviewer, talk show host and reading and writing staff developer. The author of ten published titles. Fran has published five children’s books, two horror and three non-fiction. She is currently working on the third book in her Faces Behind the Stones Series and A Fourth in her Bertha and Tillie Series.

Marta Merajver-Kurlat, Writer & Translator
Category: novelist, essayist, biographer, self-help. An Argentinean Literature teacher and psychoanalyst, Marta Merajver-Kurlat has published fiction in Spanish, been translated into English and Korean, and written most of her non-fiction in English. She is currently working on a novel in English under the provisional title of The Men in My Life, to be released soon by Jorge Pinto Books Inc., New York, NY, and starting a project that reflects her studies of Greek myth. You can check her website to find out about her community and read excellent guest posts.
Delinda L. McCann, Author
Category: Social Issues, Romance
Delinda is a social psychologist and author. Her first career focussed on special needs populations. She is now using her many years of experience to write novels touching on the human condition. While writing about tough subjects Delinda sees the humor in life and tries to give her stories an element of light. Currently she has three books available "Lies That Bind", "M'TK Sewer Rat: End of an Empire" and "M'TK Sewer Rat: Birth of a Nation." Her novel "Something About Maudy" is due out in the spring of 2013 with "Taking Gramma Home" to follow in the early summer.
Dan O'Brien. Novelist/Editor/Consultant 
Category: Science Fiction. Fantasy. Horror. Non-fiction.
A psychologist, author, philosopher, freelance editor, and skeptic, Dan O’Brien has published several novels and currently has many in print, including: The End of the World Playlist, Bitten, The Journey, The Ocean and the Hourglass, The Portent, The Path of the Fallen, Book of Seth, and Cerulean Dreams. Follow him on Twitter (@AuthorDanOBrien) or visit his blog at He also works as an editor at Empirical, a national magazine with a strong West Coast vibe. Find out more about the magazine at
Micki Peluso, Author/Journalist/Reviewer
Category:  Non-fiction, poetry, journalism, multi-genre short fiction and non-fiction, biography and memoirs 
Micki Peluso began writing as a catharsis for grief over the loss of her teenage daughter to a DUI vehicular homicide, leading to her spectacular memoirs AND THE WHIPPOORWILL SANG.  This led to a career as a journalist,staff writer at one award-winning newspaper and slice of life humorist at her daily newspaper. She has published short stories and articles, and won contests and awards in various print magazines, newspapers and e-zines. Micki reviews books for two noted book review on-line sites and also does book reviews on a FREELANCE basis. Her work in progress is a compilation of her work into a book is called "Heartbeats ....Slices of Life" to be released in late 2013.

D. M. Pirrone/Diane Piron-Gelman, 
Author and Editor
Categories: Mystery, suspense, historical fiction 
D.M. Pirrone is the nom de plume of Diane Piron-Gelman, a longtime freelance writer and editor.  No Less In Blood is her first mystery novel. A Chicago native, history buff and avid reader, Ms. Piron-Gelman is a member of Mystery Writers of America (Midwest) and Sisters in Crime (Chicagoland chapter). Her most recent project, A Judgment In Ashes, follows Irish detective Frank Hanley’s quest to solve a rabbi’s murder, with unexpected help from the rabbi’s headstrong daughter, in the harsh winter just after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

Sharla Shults, Author
Category: Poetry
Sharla Shults is a writer of inspirational and historical poetry with three published books to her credit. Two books, Echoes and Rememberings have been published under the category of inspirational poetry. Her third and most recent, Awakenings from Then ’til Now, is historical poetry focusing on America.  

Cherrye S. Vasquez, Ph.D, Writer/Author
Categories: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction, People & Places, Multicultural
Cherrye S. Vasquez is a public school administrator and an adjunct professor. She specializes in Multi-cultural education and holds certifications in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management and Educational Diagnostician. She loves children and believes that they should love self-first, and affirm their belief in who they are and what they aspire to become in life. Cherrye’s platform topics center on diversity and bullying issues, and topics of relevance which draws effective discourse and dialogue around her platform. She has published two journal books titled: Diversity Daybook: Journal, and Affirmation Daybook: Journal.  Cherrye also worked alongside her daughter Kelly, as they created a little girl’s diary titled, Guess What? Dear Diary, Cherrye is the author and her daughter is the illustrator. Cherrye is also the author of No Tildes onTuesday. Soon, Cherrye will have another children’s chapter book published, Dedicated Identity, to be released summer 2013

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