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Sunshine and Her Big Blarney Smile! 
This adorable Irish adaptation of Sunshine I'll Make Smile! has a universal moral for kids in the 3-7 age bracket. 
Blarney is available in paperback, Activity book and eBook.  

Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise!
WINS 2013 Kart Kids Book List Award
for Creative Storytelling!

Bookplates Upon Request!
Happiness is a personalized autographed bookplate - only available upon request. If you wish to have an autographed bookplate for any of my books, regardless of where you purchased it, please contact me at with all required information, including child's name for book ownership, the special occasion and full mailing address.  Be sure to name the book(s) and the autographed plate will be forwarded, ready to stick into the colored page in the front of the book.
Please note:  

In your request, please verify that you are of legal age of eighteen (18) years or older and your relationship to the child.

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NEW! Promo Videos
Story Cub features promo videos for both of my children's books.
To preview a sweet read of Sunshine I'll Make You Smile! and Andy-Roo The Birthday Surprise! Visit and select either title from the menu, just above the video screen playline.
These videos are also accessible on iTunes and YouTube.
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